Ficci Awards






Application Process

The last date for submission is 18:00 hrs on 31st December 2020. There are 7 institutional categories covering all the major aspects of Indian Higher Education sector. The Individual category is completely Jury driven including the nominations and selection. Applications are not invited and accepted for Individual categories.

  • Instructions for filling the form

    1. A participant can apply for the awards by logging on to the website The interested participants have to download the application form from the Award Category page, fill it as instructed and upload it on the website along with the supporting documents, then click on Submit button to complete the application process.
    2. All sections of the application form are mandatory. Participant would not be able to submit the form unless all sections are filled, all the fields of the application form needs to be complete in all respects; else it may be disqualified from participation
    3. Entries will be accepted in English language only
    4. Institutions can provide up to 3 supporting materials to assist the jury in evaluating their application such as photos, articles, awards and accolades and material under “Attachments” section (Maximum size that can be uploaded is 2 MB per attachment)
    5. Receipt of application forms after last date of receipt specified may be permitted only at the discretion of the Awards management
    6. Awards management will not be responsible for application forms that are edited/damaged / lost due to lack or lapse in any communication on account of internet failure
    7. Participation in the Awards in any manner will be construed as an acceptance to the terms and conditions stated herein
    8. Awards management has the copyright to the applications, if the same been used by the participant in any form other than the awards than Awards management can take strict action against such participant